Work at USIC

Work at USIC

USIC has a mobile workforce of over 7,500 technicians nationwide, serving our customers and protecting our communities. As America's leading provider of underground utility locating services, our primary goal is to protect the assets of our customers.

USIC leads the locating industry in volume, accuracy, timeliness and customer satisfaction as we protect the assets of over 90% of the Fortune 500 Utility and Telecommunications Companies throughout America. We also protect assets in one Canadian province.

Looking for a Rewarding Career?

Whether it is at a construction, excavation, commercial or residential site, the driving force behind our technicians is always quality and safety.

We are always looking for people who aspire to serve their communities, value quality work, prioritize safety, enjoy solving problems and love being outdoors. Quality conscious, hard-working individuals who love working outdoors should consider a career at USIC.

Some of the benefits of building your career at USIC include:

  • Paid Training - In order to do the job well and remain safe, our employees must be trained properly. That is why we offer paid intensive training before we send our technicians into the field. 

  • Work Vehicle - USIC provides the tools necessary to get the job done and do the job correctly. Because our technicians are always on the go, we provide them with the vehicle necessary to do their job.

  • Wages and Benefits - USIC offers employees competitive wages and a wide variety of benefits.

For more information on the benefits offered at USIC, please click here.



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