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USIC is excited to be featured among other notable industry professionals presenting and participating in panel discussions at the 2019 CGA Excavation Safety Conference and Expo.  The following is a schedule of events, locations and descriptions of content:

Custom Technology in Underground Damage Prevention

Tuesday March 26, 10:00AM - Room 21

Technology plays a major role in the locating of all underground utilities.  When you are able to customize that technology and have many devices and platforms perform in sync with a locator - that's what can change the industry.  From mobile technology in the field to custom platforms, portals and apps, technology is creating a new reality for how location data can be transmitted, in real-time, optimized for utility owners to maintain their systems.

Public and Private Damage Prevention: Understand How to Protect All Infrastructure

Tuesday, March 26, 11:00AM - Room 21

20 years ago, we never thought of underground damage prevention as public or private, because most of all underground utilities were owned by the utility companies and therefore labeled public.  That's no longer the case.  Moving forward to 2019, and how far the building and rebuilding of our Nation's infrastructure has come, private utilities now make up nearly 60% of all buried utilities.  This presentation will explain the differences, challenges, growth and what's to come of the private locating industry.

Building Safe Designs: Design Locates & Markings - The Roles, Responsibilities and Regulations

Tuesday, March 26, 1:50PM - Room 15

As the underground utility infrastructure continues to grow in the U.S., the area to install new underground utilities are rapidly shrinking.  This has led a growing number of states/One Calls to implement new guidelines, recommendations or changes to the law.  The goal of this session is to provide an understanding of the challenges, opportunities and benefits of design locating and marking.