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Three Years Ago... Rest in Peace, Ernest.

Sun shining. Lunchtime. Light wind. Emergency water main corrective maintenance dig ticket called in.

Gear up. PPE in place. Arrive to ticket address. Beacon on. Cones out. Connect with Water Dept personnel. Perform markout.
Screech of gravel. Engine revved. Looking up, no time to react.

On August 24, 2016, we lost teammate Ernest Reynolds to a distracted driver.
A driver who thought looking at phone, speeding, and getting where he wanted to go was a priority over all else including life itself.
A driver who was attempting to read a text, text back, and pass a slow car in a no-passing zone….all at same time…acted as if that was acceptable.

Please join me in a moment of silence on Saturday at 1:20pm to remember Ernest and send out your thoughts and prayers to his family, including his 14 grandchildren.

Ernest is the original AwesomeHuman.

We honor his legacy by rehabilitating our own Drive A3live behaviors, avoiding our own distractions, lowering our speed, and being courteous on the roadways.