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Set Your Sights On Your Future!


We are happy to announce that USIC has formally launched a Career Path Program (CPP) for all 811 locate technicians starting in January 2020. While our initial focus is on the 811 segment, if you are a technician outside of 811, we do have plans to expand this program into the utility solutions businesses in the future.

Through the launch of this program, the goal is to create career paths that benefits our employees. Our focus is to:

1) Invest in our team

2) Provide a clear career path for our technicians

3) Drive employee engagement in a shared vision for the company

4) Improve employee satisfaction and retention

5) Differentiate and elevate USIC in our markets

Employee development and retention is a high priority for USIC's leadership. It is also a critical component to the continued success of the Company and a key benefit to all employees as you develop and grow in your respective careers.

Ultimately, we believe that the career path program will provide the necessary resources for each locate technician to pursue growth opportunities within USIC, as well as continue to enhance individual skills and knowledge. In doing so, this can lead to mastery of current skills, wage increases or bonuses, promotions, and transfers to new or different positions throughout the Company. As the program evolves, it will have an impact on the entire organization by improving morale, career satisfaction, engagement, safety, and quality.

The CPP was developed and fine-tuned based on employee feedback and input from RDs, DMs, supervisors, senior techs, and field HR partners. The initial career mapping of employees and placement into the program will be based on a technician's tenure; however, in addition to tenure, future placement will be earned by attending ongoing training to advance individual qualifications.

The launch of this program is a significant milestone for USIC, and Leadership looks forward to making this program a tremendous success in 2020 and beyond.

811 Technicians: Please look for additional information in the coming days and do not hesitate to ask your manager any questions as we get the ball rolling.