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IT ALERT - Android Auto

What's going on?

On the your USIC Mobile device we are now providing the Android Auto app. On compatible trucks, this will allow you to use Google Maps, place calls, and reply to text messages over your truck's infotainment screen.

As USIC teammates, we choose to "Live the SAFE-LIFE at home, at work, and THE JOURNEYS BETWEEN." Our time behind the wheel can be made safer through careful choices when using Android Auto. Employees are expected to follow all USIC vehicle and safety policies while driving.

What should I remember?

Employees may not engage in interactive use of Android Auto while driving.

This includes but is not limited to notifications, phone calls, entering GPS addresses, or any other interactive prompt from the use of Android Auto.

This also includes no interactions when waiting at stop lights and stop signs.

Mobile devices shall not be handled or interacted with while operating the motor vehicle.

When in doubt, take a Time Out, safely park the vehicle, and only then engage the Android Auto system.

Failure to follow USIC's policies and procedures may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

What do I need to do?

You will find the Android Auto App on page 2 of your Launcher.

Below is a 5 min video that will walk you through how to connect your phone, and perform some of the basic functions.

Not all of the features will be available due to the truck limitations and certain model year equipment types.

Click Here For Video!

When you are connecting your phone to the truck you will see 8 pop ups asking you to allow or decline access. You need to select ALLOW on ALL of the prompts or Android Auto will not function correctly.

Once the phone is connected, you may be prompted to disconnect and reconnect the phone during the first setup 2-3 times for the system to update and recognize your device.

The screen on the truck will tell you when you need to disconnect.

Note: OnStar compatible trucks still have the ability to request turn by turn directions via the OnStar system.


Please reach out to, should you have any questions/concerns.