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The Count On Me award is the way that we recognize employees for going above and beyond to protect customers’ facilities.

We know that our employee’s do great things every day. When we hear about that “special” story, we want to take pride and show appreciation to our most valuable asset – our employees!

If you happen to have a “special” story of great customer or excavator service, please let your supervisor or DM know about it!

Please take a moment and read about the living and breathing examples of our employees’ going above and beyond and their performance excellence!

Count on Me Award - John Brunette

To whom it may concern:

I'd like to compliment John Brunette on what a great job he has done for us.

His markings are very accurate. Him taking such pride in his work, helps us tremendously! His response time & professionalism is also superb.

Please thank John for doing such a great job in turn, making our job much easier!