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USIC partnered with RECONN Utility Services in 2015. We saw a unique value in their organization to leverage technology, training and processes to exceed industry service standards - something that our clients could truly benefit from. Being a single resource to the gas industry for both public and private utility locating, as well as safe excavation, was only the beginning of our full capabilities.

Today, RECONN offers USIC Gas Clients proven quality and safe Vacuum Excavation services, with the additional conveniences of:

  • Air & Hydro Excavation: Zero wait time for additional resources - all trucks accommodate both methods.
  • Tone & Measurement: Crews are qualified to utilize a variety of techniques & equipment to quickly troubleshoot the issue.
  • Unlocateable Solutions: Crews are qualified and equipped to repair/install tracer wire, valve-curb boxes, marker-balls, marker-posts, etc.

  • Cathodic Protection: Anode & test station installation, , and qualified wrap services can be performed the same day, with the same crew.
  • Data Collection App: Automated, customizable project deliverables in real-time GIS format that's Traceable, Verifiable and Complete.
  • Qualified & Efficient Vac Crews: Reconn's Vac Crews are qualified to fix multiple abnormal conditions in a single visit, from making a utility locatable to updating various mapping records from sketches to GIS systems, ensuring that reoccurring problems will no longer exist. In addition, our Vac Crews are more efficient by being Locate experts and identifying where the Vac Holes should be placed to find a utility.

Their commitment to safety and efficiency is evident in their "2-Person Crew" standard. Complimented with the latest technologies, ongoing training efforts and fully equipped, maintained Air/Hydro trucks, RECONN crews show up ready to solve problems - not just reveal them. Data collection and management systems allow clients to access critical project data in real-time from a mobile app, any time - anywhere.

Together, USIC and RECONN provide even more comprehensive damage prevention for your facilities, with the seamless integration of trusted gas maintenance and modernization services.

Do more, faster - with programs designed to target risk and exposure.