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Recognizing outstanding individual job performance at USIC

We get inundated with Customer Satisfaction surveys for practically every company we use, both professionally and personally. They are often disregarded with hundreds of other "junk" emails - EXCEPT when we receive outstanding service from individuals. Although it is arguable that customer service is a part of their job, we have all experienced the difference between engaging with someone who is doing their job and someone who takes pride in their job. We are often excited by superior individual service and are more likely to share our feedback from these experiences immediately, filling out surveys at the bottom of receipts or asking to speak with their manager, because we VALUE great service and want those individuals to be recognized.

USIC employs some really #AWESOMEHUMANS who protect our infrastructure and communities. They work long days in all weather conditions, have families, volunteer in their communities, and sometimes even stop their work to prioritize safety for EVERYONE - when it would be easier to say, "Not my job - not my problem."

With more than 9,000 remote locators across North America, identifying and acknowledging individuals for outstanding work performance is no easy task! These individuals live our corporate values - and are often the difference in whether or not you develop a loyalty to the USIC brand. The "Outstanding Marks" program is a quick and easy way for you to nominate these hard working men and women for superior individual performance on your job tickets.

We want to know when USIC employees make your day better and your job easier by:

  • Living the Safe Life
  • Doing the Right Thing
  • Solving Problems
  • Delivering Results

Be watching for our "Outstanding Marks" email this month that includes the link to our nomination form, and THANK YOU for partnering with us to acknowledge superior work performance on your job tickets!

Rockstar Employees Deserve Outstanding Marks
Rockstar Employees Deserve Outstanding Marks