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Safety & Training

Safety & Training


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Quality of Service is of Primary Importance within USIC

At USIC, we believe that Environmental, Health and Safety excellence is not a cost, but an investment, and a key part of a high performance organization.

Our 3 Core Programs of Safety


Why: Locate Zero

Locate Zero is the foundation of our EHS Program; the WHY behind what we do. It is through Locate Zero that we can communicate why safety is important throughout our organization and bring to life what each employee values to make it personal for them. Locate Zero goes far beyond just being safe. It places an importance on why we choose to be safe for ourselves, our fellow coworkers, the public and the communities in which we live and work in.

Locate Zero Logo
  • Injuries

    We must first not hurt ourselves.

  • Accidents

    We must not hurt ourselves and others.

  • Damages

    We must not hurt our communities.

  • Delays

    We must do all of that as efficiently as possible.

Always assess for hazards when you first arrive (and whenever conditions change) to understand what can hurt you! Always analyze options to determine the safest alternative to understand how to protect yourself! Once a hazard is identified and the safest alternative is selected, you have to act on it by sticking to the PLAN!

How: A3 Program

The A3 Program explains how we do what we do to achieve World Class Safety. This simple 3-step cognitive-based process of Assess, Analyze and Act directly impacts and engages employees in hazard recognition/mitigation techniques and internalizes their own personal values as they approach their daily work tasks.


What: F.L.A.G.

F.L.A.G. is one example of a tool our employees use, representing the WHAT in our safety culture. F.L.A.G. is a safety program designed to address the four major types of incidents our employees experience and the proper techniques to help mitigate these common hazards.

  • Footing

    Choose secure footing. For example, walk on the sidewalk instead of a dirt path.

  • Line of fire

    Stay out of the line of fire. Never put yourself in front of an object that is moving.

  • Alignment

    Use proper alignment when lifting. Always lift facing the object.

  • Get your eyes on the path

    Whether driving or walking, look for hazards in front of you.

USIC Training Process

  1. [1] In Class
  2. [2] On the Job Training
  3. [3] Certification Process
  4. [4] Qualified Technician
  5. [5] Continued Education

In Class

All USIC Locate Technicians receive a minimum 40 hours of classroom training, based on utility density. Trainees learn about USIC, our company culture, expectations, and the skills needed to be an efficient USIC Locate Technician.


On the Job Training

Following in-class training, Trainees enter a structured OJT program. Trainees are paired with experienced Locate Technicians and work in the areas where they will operate. Working with their coach, they will perfect their skills and learn the most up-to-date field techniques to protect infrastructure and the public.


Certification Process

All Trainees must complete a comprehensive field certification ensuring field proficiency. USIC selects and trains acceptance certifiers from our most knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians.


Qualified Technician

USIC Locate Technicians are specifically trained to meet their customer needs. This includes specialized, utility-specific training, developed in partnership with USIC customers and Operator Qualifications, where required.


Continued Education

All USIC Locate Technicians will receive annual and ongoing training to build their knowledge and skills. The USIC Institute provides hundreds of hours of ongoing learning available at any time to our employees.

Fleet Safety

Driving Accountability for Vehicle Safety Performance

USIC has a fully encompassing Fleet Management Program to manage fleet inventory, facilitate in the reduction of motor vehicle accidents and monitor employee driving performance using extensive live driver telematics. Live telematic information is collected daily from over 8,000 USIC fleet vehicles and used to grade and rank drivers, districts and regions.

President's Award Recipient

USIC is the proud recipient of the Common Ground Alliance’s (CGA) President’s Corporate Award of Excellence for 2014. USIC was awarded this honor for contributions to DIRT data as well as an overall dedication to damage prevention at this year’s Annual Meeting at the CGA conference.

A Valued Partnership

USIC is a valued Disconnect/Reconnect partner of Ameren Missouri. USIC represents Ameren Missouri professionally and courteously while performing this critical service. USIC’s performance consistently meets Ameren Missouri's high safety, quality and efficiency expectations.

- Tommie Gray, Revenue Protection Manager, Ameren Missouri

Working Hand-In-Hand

USIC has been Vectren’s valued locating partner for more than five years. During that period, USIC has worked hand-in-hand with Vectren’s damage prevention leadership in reducing overall damages. USIC’s field leadership is professional, responsive, and simply cares.

- Tracey Bryant; Manager, Damage Prevention & Public Awareness, Vectren Corp.

2018 CGA Gold Sponsorship

USIC is proud to be a Gold Sponsor for this year's CGA Excavation & Safety Expo. For more information please visit

US Infrastructure Corporation (USIC) Acquires On Target Utility Services

USIC is pleased to announce On Target Utility Services as the newest addition to the USIC family. For USIC, this transaction adds more than 280 technicians and strengthens its ability to service new and existing customers in the Northeast. This partnership further expands USIC’s diversification of services with the addition of utility services like metering, storm restoration, telecommunications, smart grid and power line solutions to provide even more support for our customers.

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    Event Date: Feb. 22, 2019 Location: Indianapolis, IN

    Event Date: Mar. 12, 2019 Location: Orlando, FL
  • CGA

    Event Date: Mar. 28, 2019 Location: Tampa, FL

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We are always looking for people who aspire to serve their communities, value quality work, prioritize safety, enjoy solving problems and love being outdoors. If you are a quality conscious, hard-working individual who loves working outdoors, then you should consider a career at USIC!

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