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We train constantly, so that safety becomes involuntary. Our actions aren't a choice, rather an instinct, in emergent situations.

Nothing challenges those instincts more than a personal emergency.

Shawn Gainey watched from a safe distance as flood waters rushed across the road, separating him from his ranch in North Carolina. These storm systems led to at least two flood-related deaths in Oklahoma, before saturating the East Coast, last week. Washed out roadways, camouflaged by the moving water trap and submerge vehicles and their occupants creating life-threatening situations for both civilians and emergency responders.

Not only did Gainey resist the human urge to "chance" getting to his property just on the other side of the waters - he created a barricade with his vehicle, flashers and other safety equipment that prevented other drivers from trying to pass through the flood.

"It's flooded... It's flooded. I can't get to it right now." Gainey says to local reporters about his ranch. Horses, chickens and other animals that attribute to his personal livelihood, are left unattended, just beyond his reach.

"If I can stop one person, save one life from doing that, then doing what I do is well-worth it." S. Gainey

"We Live Where You Operate" is more than just another catchy marketing phrase. It's a reassurance of our commitment to safety - and our WHY.

We commend Shawn and our other USIC employees for owning safety in their communities, every day. They are your neighbors and they are #AwesomeHumans. They make USIC great.