USIC Expands Operations in New York and Georgia

USIC, LLC (USIC), the largest underground utility locating and damage prevention company in North America, today announced it is expanding business operations into the state of New York through a recent agreement with Consolidated Edison Company of New York (Con Edison), while the Company also announced it was recently awarded the two largest locating contracts in Georgia – AT&T and Atlanta Gas Light (AGL), according to Michael B. Stayton, USIC’s President & CEO.

New York will become the 31st state where USIC operates by providing services for Con Edison in New York City’s boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. Contracts for AT&T and AGL will expand services significantly in Georgia, where USIC has pre-existing operations. The Company has been serving AT&T and AGL in other states. Services for all three clients will commence in early to mid-December this year.

“USIC is pleased to expand operations in the state of New York, starting with Con Edison as our new partner to serve two large boroughs in New York City, which will create about 30 new jobs,” stated Stayton.

“Our positive relationship and reputation as a stable, large-scale, and high-quality service provider was a major factor in AT&T and AGL entrusting USIC with the new sizeable contracts in Georgia,” Stayton said.

USIC has been providing services for AT&T in 17 other states, and for AGL in Illinois and Tennessee, including Nicor Gas in Chicago and Chattanooga Gas.

The AT&T and AGL contracts will add approximately 1.2 million locates annually and over 200 new jobs, including both locator, supervisor and management positions, to USIC’s pre-existing operations in Georgia, according to Stayton. He also noted USIC will open a second district office in the Atlanta area to serve Georgia.