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The USIC Family of Companies offers our customers with a single point of management - for a full range of specialty utility services.

USIC Family of Companies Utility Service Solutions

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USIC is only allowed to mark public utilities as mandated by 811 - but they may not be the only utilities present on your site. Blood Hound has specialized equipment that locates hard-to-detect private utilities and structures, keeping your crews safe from ALL potential digging hazards. A few key indicators that you may have unmarked utilities on your site include: parking lot lights, fuel pumps, irrigation systems, fire water systems and generators. Calling ahead of your locate will allow our team time to coordinate private utility locates for you, in conjunction with your 811 ticket fulfillment.


Protect your infrastructure and community

Poor or inaccurate utility maps are a big liability. Our team is can do more than locate and mark your utilities, we can map them for you. Ensure accurate locates and the safety of your infrastructure and community with quality utility maps.


Real-time Data

Our clients have access to their critical infrastructure data for many of our services with our proprietary deliverables systems.


Partnering to Protect

The USIC family of companies use superior technologies to survey the integrity of our assets to protect and manage their infrastructure. We perform leak detection services for both water and gas. We have the experience and technology to mitigate potential cross-bores and concrete scanning services. Our integrity specialists perform routine gas and electrical services. All of these specialized services help maintain and protect your infrastructure, with the assurance of one company that can also manage complete utility locating, subsurface utility engineering, vacuum excavation and traffic control on your projects. Collectively, these services help ensure public safety and system integrity for our clients.


You Mange Us

With the full suite of utility services at your command, we are truly your partner in damage prevention and optimizing your operations. With one call you can increase efficiency and reduce liability for asset management.


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Blood Hound

Blood Hound specializes in PRIVATE utilities and infrastructure comprises that are difficult to detect without specialized training and equipment. Private utilities are not located by One Call; they are heavily present in areas like shopping centers, gas stations, hospitals and school campuses.

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RECONN's integrity specialists leverage superior technologies to survey our gas and electrical clients' assets, providing valuable information and resources to help protect and maintain their infrastructure. Our field data collection system provides customized, real-time data to our clients and emergency support services ensure real-time help when storms compromise your utilities.

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ON TARGET's multi-discipline professionals provide utility service solutions for project of all sizes and degrees of complexity for transmission and distribution, telecom, cable and private customers. Their expertise includes power line services, telecommunication services, utility pole setting, storm restoration, and metering solutions.

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President's Award Recipient

USIC is the proud recipient of the Common Ground Alliance’s (CGA) President’s Corporate Award of Excellence for 2014. USIC was awarded this honor for contributions to DIRT data as well as an overall dedication to damage prevention at this year’s Annual Meeting at the CGA conference.

A Valued Partnership

USIC is a valued Disconnect/Reconnect partner of Ameren Missouri. USIC represents Ameren Missouri professionally and courteously while performing this critical service. USIC’s performance consistently meets Ameren Missouri's high safety, quality and efficiency expectations.

- Tommie Gray, Revenue Protection Manager, Ameren Missouri

2018 CGA Gold Sponsorship

USIC is proud to be a Gold Sponsor for this year's CGA Excavation & Safety Expo. For more information please visit

US Infrastructure Corporation (USIC) Acquires On Target Utility Services

USIC is pleased to announce On Target Utility Services as the newest addition to the USIC family. For USIC, this transaction adds more than 280 technicians and strengthens its ability to service new and existing customers in the Northeast. This partnership further expands USIC’s diversification of services with the addition of utility services like metering, storm restoration, telecommunications, smart grid and power line solutions to provide even more support for our customers.

Great Partnership

Working with the team at USIC throughout our RFQ process was the continuation of a great partnership. USIC, not only heard our needs and concerns, they asked the appropriate questions to fully understand where we needed to be in order to award a new contract to them. As a result, we highly recommend USIC as a partner in the protection of underground communications facilities.

- R. Wallace


Birmingham, AL Technician Keena Dowdell was performing a locate when he heard screams and ran to help. A nearby house was on fire, and the elderly, disabled man inside could not get out of the window or to his phone to call for help. Keena got his shovel and broke the window but could not loosen the security bar enough to get the man out. He began trying to force the front door open while calling the fire department and finally got through to help the man escape. The man was then taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. “I just saw the man was in there trapped,” Keena described. “The house was on fire. I just tried my best to get him out of there. I feel really good about it. This is the first time I’ve been in a position to save someone’s life like that.” Thank you, Keena, for your heroic actions, which saved a life!


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USIC honored as a 2023 VETS Indexes 3-Star Employer

Apr 13, 2023 - VETS Indexes is excited to announce that USIC has earned the designation VETS Indexes 3-Star Employer in the 2023 VETS Indexes Employer Awards. The award recognizes the organization's commitment to recruiting, hiring,...

USIC Announces New Chief Operating Officer

Feb 15, 2023 - INDIANAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--USIC, the leader in underground infrastructure damage prevention, has announced the appointment of Richard Batelaan as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Richard, who will report directly to...

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