by CathyWyler

USIC Gives Back - William Egeler

Casino Road Kids Ministries  

What could be better than helping a child reach his or her potential? Helping to shape and mold the next generation of potential doctors, scientists or community leaders. Even a small contribution that influences a kid’s life can have a rippling effect that can impact generations to come. It is far from a small contribution however, that is being made by William Egeler and his wife NaKena.  William is a Technician in our Seattle Washington district, whose amazing story was passed on to me by Ken Kraft. William and NaKena, together with Casino Road Kids Ministries, began a program for “at risk” junior high age children. This program gives the children advances in education through tutoring and homework assistance, as well as providing meals and safe, fun alternatives for after school activities. The Egeler’s story is compelling to say the least. Please read on as William describes it in his own words.

“About 6 years ago my wife, NaKena and I started volunteering at a homework club for at risk youth in a community known as Casino Road in our city of Everett.  This area is highly populated and well known for poverty, drug use, violence, and prostitution.  This club started out for elementary age kids but about 3 years ago we saw a need for the kids who were growing up. My wife and I decided to head up and develop a division just for the junior high kids.  Currently we are using a curriculum that is designed to empower the kids to become leaders and give hope that they can make changes in their community.  The organization is named Casino Road Kids Ministries, which began as a simple idea in 1999, then officially founded in 2008 by Tyrone McMorris. His vision is to provide a faith based after school homework assistance program to children in a local apartment complex. Since then, Casino Road has become that and so much more.  We do fun projects like pine wood car derby’s, fund raisers to support kids going to summer camp, sports programs, community service and much, much more. We cook meals and serve about 12 to 25 kids each week.  Our adopted son is actually a kid we got to know through this ministry. Out of our 4 kids, 1 is adopted and 1 is foster.  Thanks for the interest.  It is not always easy, but we can all make a difference in kid’s lives if we choose.”

If you would like more information about Casino Road Kids Ministries, please visit them at their website. There are so many ways to get involved and bring about positive changes in a child’s life. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future leaders. And every child should have the opportunity to succeed and achieve their dreams. Thanks to people like William and NaKena, many are getting that opportunity. Find out how you can help TODAY.

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