Hiring Heroes

USIC is proud to honor the service of military veterans with meaningful career opportunities, development, and support. Nearly 10 percent of our employees have served or currently serve in the Armed Forces. The experience, skills, and character gained in the military make veterans well suited for a career protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure and communities. Many veterans find underground utility locating to be a good fit due to the freedom it offers to work outdoors and independently and to USIC’s culture of safety, service, and support of team members, which aligns with military values.

A Veteran’s Perspective

Hear firsthand how a veteran transitioning into a civilian career found USIC to be a great next step.

Recognized for Our Commitment to Veterans

USIC has demonstrated a commitment to recruiting veteran and military-connected employees and then helping them grow and develop into leaders. USIC distinguished itself among veteran employers and should be commended George Altman, Managing Director of VETS Indexes

Partnership with Veterans' Organizations

USIC has developed partnerships for recruiting veterans and supporting them in their search for a meaningful civilian career.

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The Ranks of USIC?

View and apply for open positions within USIC’s nationwide operations. Reach out to our Military Recruitment Program Manager with any questions you may have.