Car Strikes Residential Gas Meter in NC

Tuesday, July 7th 2020

Imagine arriving home to find that not only had a car crashed into the side of your house - but that it had also caused an explosion that further damaged your property and even injured your neighbors.

USIC locate technician, Tim Odom, was on his way to perform a locate in a North Carolina neighborhood when he noticed that a car had left the road and crashed into a neighboring property. Tim approached the home to perform the locate and began to smell gas. He quickly realized that the car had hit the gas meter on the side of the impacted home; the car was still running, while gas was blowing from the damaged meter.


Tim used his Time Out Authority (TOA), backing off of the scene to a safe distance and securing the area, while waiting for proper authorities to arrive. A combination of things happened here that USIC recognizes and condones. Our field technicians are trained to look for and mitigate safety hazards - and are empowered to implement TOA until the situation is secured. Tim's quick thinking and ownership of safety for this neighborhood is a proud representation of USIC Safety Culture & Values.

USIC technicians are challenged daily to implement safety in three key areas: Infrastructure, Our Communities, & Ourselves. Their shared safety interest extends beyond their professional duties to encompass their roles as good citizens: they live in the communities they serve. We are proud to share stories like Tim's with Our Communities, across America.



Our field technicians don't just work in your community - they live there, too. They have a shared interest in overall safety and well-being. If you catch a USIC field technician doing something great in your neighborhood, we would love to hear about it! Share your experiences with us via Facebook or email our marketing team at, so we can give our technicians the recognition they deserve.

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