USIC Locate Tech Saves NY Police Officer

Tuesday, June 16th 2020

Our own words couldn't do justice to express what this Southampton Police Officer's wife said about USIC Locate Technician, Bill Dymond. Here is what she shared with us:

"To Whom This May Concern,

I wanted to reach out to the company to commend an employee by the name of Bill Dymond. My husband is a Town of Southampton Police Officer. On Thursday, March 5th my husband was at work and collapsed near his patrol car on the side of a roadway after finishing up with a traffic stop. The driver he had pulled over stated to police later he never saw my husband collapse to the ground and thought he was in his patrol car when he drove away. My husband was laying on the shoulder of the road in front of his patrol car.

Bill must have noticed something wasn't right, because he stopped and saw my husband laying on the pavement. I found out your employee's name from my husband's sergeant who had written his name down on the report. Turned out, your employee is also a volunteer first-responder and realized my husband was having a heart attack. He started chest compressions on him and used his police radio to call for an ambulance. My husband was released from the hospital today and is expected to make a full recovery..."

She goes on to say that the doctors indicated that it was a severe heart attack and told her how lucky they were that the person who stopped to help was properly trained to assess the situation. She and the doctors credit the officer's life to Bill's actions.

USIC technicians are challenged daily to implement safety in three key areas: Infrastructure, Our Communities, & Ourselves. They positively impact their work environments, by design, but it often goes unnoticed outside of our organization. We join this officer's wife in acknowledging Bill's heroic and life-saving actions.

Our field technicians don't just work in your community - they live there, too. They have a shared interest in overall safety and well-being. If you catch a USIC field technician doing something great in your neighborhood, we would love to hear about it! Share your experiences with us via Facebook or email our marketing team at, so we can give our technicians the recognition they deserve for the impact they make.

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