USIC Technicians Help Locate Missing Woman

Thursday, August 17, 2023

West Oklahoma technicians Lloyd Cross and George Einstein were performing a locate when they were approached by a police officer asking if they had seen anyone matching the description of a missing elderly woman with dementia. Not long after, George saw her walking along the side of a highway, and she was not dressed for staying warm in the cold weather. He called Lloyd to flag down one of the officers searching for her. By the time George turned around to get to her, an officer was with her.  

Lloyd, who has been with USIC just under two years, served in the Army for eight years, as an emergency medical technician for six years, and as a police officer for 16 years. He explained that the assistance they were able to provide police officers that day was due to their awareness of their surroundings, which is an important part of their job as locators.

George, who has been with USIC just under a year, explained that it was natural for him to want to help. Having grown up with his grandma, he understood what it would mean for the woman’s family if she had not been found safe.  

Thank you, Lloyd and George, for your awareness and desire to help, which were key to getting a member of the community home safely.

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